Media Production

The Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University is proud to announce the launch of a new undergraduate academic program in Fall 2021: Media Production.

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The Media Production concentration--part of the B.S. degree in Mass Communications--prepares graduates to successfully enter the exciting and ever-changing world of media production--a world where ideas come to life.

Media Production professionals create the media content that’s part of our everyday lives, like TV shows, movies, songs, online video and advertisements. All the media we’ve ever seen didn’t exist until someone produced it. The Media Production industry is where cutting-edge technology meets creative thinking and solid skills, all to create something that could impact everyone from a focused set of individuals to millions of people.

This is a great time to work in the media production industries: the government's job outlook through 2029 is extremely good, with jobs as broadcast, sound, and video technicians growing at 9%, and jobs as film and video editors and camera operators growing at 18%--both "must faster than average."

VCU Robertson School students working with media production equipment.

The Robertson School is a proud professional program, and so our program gives you the skills courses you’ll need to help launch your career. Topics include the media production industry, media writing, beginning and advanced media production, graphics tools (the Adobe Creative Cloud), digital photography, TV studio production and animation. You’ll also take courses to give you important big-picture perspectives on entrepreneurship, law, ethics and media careers. You’ll finish with a capstone course and projects to add to your already-growing portfolio of work from previous courses to show potential employers.

Learn more in the VCU Bulletin about the undergraduate concentration in Media Production.

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With the Robertson School, your career in media production starts here.