In keeping with the belief that hands-on experiences afford the greatest opportunities for learning, we require almost all students within the Robertson School to participate in internships and student projects that provide real-world skills and practice.

Through partnerships with communications companies and government agencies in the metropolitan Richmond area, the school offers extensive internships in advertising, public relations, television, newspapers, magazines and new media.

Internships are offered for academic credit through MASC 493. Mass communication students participating in an internship should be completing their final three semesters. As a mass comm student, the internship will present you with opportunities to gain experience, develop your portfolio and network with professionals as you get an up-close look at a particular segment of the communications industry.

Applying for Internships

Prior to applying to internships, it is highly encouraged that you meet with Maggie McDearmon, career development adviser for the Robertson School, or with a member of VCU Career Services to review your resume and application materials. Having your resume and cover letter reviewed will provide you with a higher likelihood of securing an internship. 

Finding an Internship

It is your responsibility to select the internship that is best for your career interests. There are more opportunities listed than there are students to fill these positions. If you desire to participate in an internship that is not posted by the school or by the university, you must receive approval first. 

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Internship Orientations

If you wish to register for MASC 493, you will need to attend an internship orientation (for first-time interns only). During the internship orientation, which will be hosted virtually on Zoom, you will go over the necessary paperwork, course expectations and assignments. You must wait until you have secured an internship until you attend an internship orientation session.

Students participating in internships are responsible for submitting required materials (i.e., assignments) on or before the posted due dates via email to the internship director. The school will email a link to this survey to supervisors. It is also the student’s responsibility to remind their supervisors to complete an online evaluation of the intern’s performance.