In the Media

VCU media class creates production company to document Gen Z students on film

Nov. 28, 2023 Style Weekly

Faculty member(s) featured: Robert Milazzo, Ph.D.

Superhero diversity: Improving diversity in comic books

June 21, 2022 Quality Comix

Faculty member(s) featured: Grace D. Gipson, Ph.D.

The Fight Over a Menthol Cigarette Ban [podcast]

May 5, 2022 The Journal

Faculty member(s) featured: Mignonne Guy, Ph.D.

Williams: If Black lives matter, ban menthol cigarettes [article]

April 30, 2022 Richmond Times-Dispatch

Faculty member(s) featured: Mignonne Guy. Ph.D.

The portrayal of women in media and entertainment [video]

Oct. 11, 2021 Women’s Network-University of Rochester

Faculty member(s) featured: Grace Gipson, Ph.D.

Racism: Challenging perceptions [video]

Sept. 3, 2020 PBS

Faculty member(s) featured: Mignonne Guy, Ph.D.