This page was updated in May 2021, and it reflects recent research. It will be updated on an annual basis.


Corporate Social Responsibility 

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Crisis Communication

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Health Communication:

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Nonprofit Communication 

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:

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Social Media:

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Trade Publications, Opinion-Editorials & Think Tanks: 

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Other Professional Scholarship:

2019, Logo, “Protect Your River”, Client: Lower James River Roundtable, Richmond, VA; Creative Director: Jay Adams.

2019, Social Media Sponsored Post, “Solving Parenting Challenges.”, Client: Pediatric Associates of Richmond, Richmond, VA; Agency: Dotted Line Collaborations; Creative Director: Jay Adams.

2018, Website Design, “Join. Train. Prevail.”, Client: Hanover Fire-EMS, Hanover, VA; Agency: Dotted Line Collaborations; Creative Director, Designer and Developer: Jay Adams.

2018, Online Video, “Boots To Fill”, Client: Hanover Fire-EMS, Hanover, VA; Agency: Dotted Line Collaborations; Creative Director: Jay Adams.

2018, Social Media, “Calling All Chosen Ones”, Client: Hanover Fire-EMS, Hanover, VA; Agency: Dotted Line Collaborations; Creative Director and Designer: Jay Adams.


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Infographic for research related to social media and health disparity. For a full copy please contact Dr. Mariam Alkazemi

Infographic for research on framing and visual type. Please contact Dr. Mariam Alkazemi for an accessible version.

Infographic on social media use of two hashtags. Please contact Dr. Mariam Alkazemi for an accessible version of this image.

Infographic of stories of domestic abuse hashtag research. Please contact Dr. Mariam Alkazemi for an accessible version.