Minor in Media Studies

If you have declared a major but are interested in mass communications, consider our Minor in Media Studies. Adding a minor to your VCU studies is a great way to boost your skill set and career options. 

All students minoring in media studies are required to register with the Robertson School prior to beginning coursework.


To declare the minor, you must pass the MASC 101 mass communications course with a minimum grade of C and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.


Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you must complete three credits of coursework in journalism writing or story, and three more in communications law. From there, you can fulfill the minor requirements by completing an additional nine credits from courses such as data journalism and visualization, sports and entertainment public relations, diversity in the media, web site design and more.


For your coursework to count toward the minor, it must be completed with a minimum grade of C, and you must have a minimum 2.50 minor GPA to graduate.

Declare a minor