The Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture has more than 1,100 undergraduate students. About half of the undergraduate students are Foundation students, meaning they have declared mass communications as their major, but they have not yet been accepted into the School. See our advising page for more details.

The School’s approximately 600 accepted students (most taking upper-division classes) are almost evenly divided among the School’s three undergraduate academic sequences of advertising (with concentrations in creative and strategic), journalism (with concentrations in digital [previously print-online] and broadcast) and public relations.

About 92% of all Robertson School students have Virginia residency (for VCU overall, 85%). Mass Comm students also come from 10 other states around the country and the District of Columbia.

About 5% of  students in the Robertson School are “double majoring.” Many students choose to minor in a field that will provide a professional advantage, such as political science, marketing, business or history.