Robertson School Media Production Students Launch Podcast Network “ReVoice”

April 12, 2024

"Revoice" podcast to amplify student voices, fostering community and showcasing diverse experiences and talents.

ReVoice Podcast Network
ReVoice Podcast Network

Students from The Robertson School’s Media Production class, Media Entrepreneurship, have launched "Revoice," a new network of three short-form weekly podcasts shows. This entirely student-run endeavor, operated by Robertson Media Entrepreneurship students, aims to amplify the voices of the next generation emerging from the university.

“The ReVoice Podcast Network comes from VCU students wanting their voices to be heard, which in many ways is what Media Production aspires to be: content that is about the surrounding world from those who live and write its story, day-to-day.  So, what better way to hear about VCU/RVA than from the Rams, themselves!,” said Robert Milazzo, Instructor and Media Production Sequence Coordinator.

"Revoice" currently features three individual shows, serving as a platform for students to share unique stories and perspectives. 

  • Bad Attitude - A documentary podcast featuring creatives from both the VCU and RVA communities, as they continually redefine what it means to write the story of a life. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Common Talk -- Recorded on-location in different parts of VCU's campus, Common Talk captures student life "on the spot" and with a laugh (or two!) So, look just might see them around! Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  • Podline --  Featuring weekly questions from the entire VCU community, two Rams explore and discuss what impacts their day-to-day lives as college students in a world that changes episode-to-episode. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The network's mission is to provide an unfiltered inside look at the creativity and innovation happening on the VCU campus.

All episodes are 10 minutes and 4 seconds in honor of the class that gave birth to the Revoice, MASC 410.  

Abbie Thornton, a show producer for "Revoice," expressed her excitement, stating, "Joining 'Revoice' has been an absolute blast! Through our podcast 'Common Talk,' I have thoroughly enjoyed diving into the unexpected by listening to individuals' personal experiences and stories. It’s amazing to witness the openness and honesty of strangers who volunteer to share their quirks and secrets, creating connections and sparking conversations that resonate with audiences everywhere.” 

The shows premiered on April 2nd, with subsequent episodes released weekly. Each show offers a different glimpse into student life: "Pod Line" offers advice to students seeking answers to their college dilemmas, "Common Talk" provides comic relief with an on-site interviewing style, and "Bad Attitude" showcases creatives in the art, music, and media world surrounding VCU.

Carolyn Crane, another show producer for "Revoice," shared her experience, saying, "I enjoy being a part of 'ReVoice' because it has hallowed me to express myself creatively in a new way, and it has helped me to find other students that want to bring more community to student life at VCU. I’m so excited for the rest of my VCU to see what our network has created and see what we’ll be bringing to campus.