Summer 2024: Sports Media - Various Internships (Remote)

Sports Media Inc. is a sports strategy consulting agency with over 44 years of experience in sports brand marketing services. Sports Media Inc. consults with advertising firms and agencies in order to create efficient and effective advertisement placement plans that generate results for our customers. Sports Media Inc. is a full service provider in sports brand marketing services which specializes in licensing, products, sponsorship and advertising space. At Sports Media Inc., our goal is to bring the sellers and buyers of media together for a more integrated approach to the sports and entertainment industry. Our strategic focus is to gather accurate information efficiently while fostering innovative thoughts through our employees who manifest the needs of today's sports advertising industry.


We currently have several exciting opportunities available within our company, spanning various departments such as:

  • Sports Advertising, Marketing, and Sales Planner
  • Esports
  • Small Footprint Simulator
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Travel and Hospitality Planner
  • Website and SEO Development
  • AI Video Creation and Editing
  • Sports and Event Media Planning and Buying
  • Copy Editor
  • Public Relations
  • Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising
  • Government Contracting Specialist
  • Publicist
  • Game Design
  • Sports Sponsorship
  • Computer Science (SAAS, SEO, AI)
  • Accounting and Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Paralegal
  • Human Resources
  • Journalists
  • Social Media
  • Financial Projections
  • And more