Alum Success Story: Daniel Carrigan

daniel carrigan

Name: Daniel Carrigan
Degrees: M.S. in Mass Communications from VCU, 2023; Integrated Communication
Current role: Vice President, Health, Edelman

Take the jump. There are many avenues one can take to attain their goals in the field of Public Relations and Communications. If you're serious about making an impact and becoming the best communicator possible, I'd encourage you to seriously consider the Robertson School's programs.

What influenced your decision to attend the Robertson School's M.S. in Mass Communications program? 

I knew this program could enhance my development personally and professionally. I wanted to join not just a graduate program, but a community at the cutting edge of the profession. After researching the program and meeting its faculty, I knew this wasn't just the best program for me, it was a great choice for any PR and communications practitioner striving to make a difference in their career. 

What about the program did you find most useful in your current career?

I'll admit I had initially overlooked an amazing benefit this program offers. That is, we're learning in real time. I'd thought about the entire program and what I'd learn at its conclusion. Fact of the matter is that I am applying my knowledge and class learnings days, if not hours, after learning them. You really cannot beat that, and it speaks to how well-designed the program is. Its faculty are some of the top minds in this field, and the program affords you the opportunity to learn in a way that will enhance your abilities and leadership skills in real time. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned communications professional looking for to make that next leadership jump, take a look at this graduate program. You learn things about the field of communications -- and yourself -- that will help make you a strong practitioner no matter your career direction.

What are you most proud of from your graduate school experience?

My love of research. For me, the ability to enter the realm of research and delve into topics and questions that may make a difference in the communications field. This program helped unlock my love of research and gave me the tools to follow through. That's an amazing feeling to know you're part of the program that inspires minds, and urges students to step into the forefront of the communications field.