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The Media Line - Press and Policy Student Internship (Remote & On-Site)

Nov 20, 2018

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The Media Line Press and Policy Student Program is an innovative opportunity for students to globalize their educational experience by connecting to an active news bureau located in what is arguably the world’s most contentious region – the Middle East -- studying journalism and public policy under the mentorship of veteran journalists, while earning academic credits (or pursuing independent study).


The Media Line aims to mentor the next 250 students who will become tomorrow’s journalists and policy-makers, providing them with a realistic portrayal of issues and events, an accurate understanding of the nations of the Middle East and their role on the world stage and the skills to ensure accurate, fair and complete coverage of the issues and events occurring in the Middle East.  This, along with a thorough knowledge of Israel, the Palestinians and the region’s residents that will impact on the quality of reporting from the region as TML alumni take up positions in the nation’s newsrooms. 


Partnering with The Media Line, the American news agency specializing in coverage of the Middle East, colleges and universities select highly motivated students from each discipline (journalism, public policy, international relations/political science) to work under TML supervision for a semester, writing articles relating to local-global issues of the Middle East. Students’ work product will be posted on and in some cases will earn a by-line and placement in a newspaper or on-line portal.

The Media Line is an independent American non-profit news agency with its primary bureau located with easy access to Ramallah and Jerusalem. TML is not aligned with any political position, government or NGO, but is dedicated to providing accurate, contextual news and feature stories from the Middle East in strict adherence to the tenets of classical journalism.  From its primary bureau in Jerusalem, its reporters throughout the region help to shape coverage from the Middle East which impacts the formation of public policy and understanding through scores of global content arrangements.


The Media Line’s goal is to be the leading American Mideast news source, providing its services to hundreds of media outlets throughout the world. Our news and feature stories are carried by news outlets around the world. With veteran reporters stationed throughout the Middle East who speak the languages of the region, The Media Line reads the streets and shares its accurate and knowledgeable assessments and analyses with our readers. We are seen in Al-Quds, the largest Palestinian newspaper; the Jerusalem Post; YNet; Arab News (Saudi Arabia); the Gulf Times and many more.


The Media Line’s Board of Professional Advisers includes journalism icons Marvin Kalb, David Andelman, Murray Fromson, Alex Jones, Lucy Dalglish, Judy Woodruff and Ari Goldman.


The Media Line’s Mideast Bureau has been home to scores of interns who have accepted our challenge to hone their skills in real-time, in an active and prolific newsroom in an exciting and newsworthy venue. TML is proud of the many internship alumni now working in the nation’s most prestigious newsrooms.

To apply, email Maggie McDearmon to receive the application.