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Summer/Fall 2018: Lowe Maceo - Communications/Graphics/Production Intern

Jul 9, 2018

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Lowe Maceo is an in-house creative/strategic entity that ranges in a plethora of skill sets that covers projects pertaining to production, branding/creative direction, strategy, photography, videography, and whatever else is necessary to reach and maximize objectives. Website:

Looking for/Skills required:


We are looking for interns that have interests in the above stated areas as well as social media planning, graphic design, marketing, SEO, etc.

We aim to input your skills and interests in a collaborative environment that will allow you to walk away with not only real world experience but also a portfolio that reflects and documents the work that we will put into our upcoming projects.

Juniors and Seniors or 21+ Preferred.

1-3 positions available. 50 hour minimum. More hours depend on skill sets. The position will require a commitment of being in the studio a maximum of two days per week.

Flexible hours and options to work remotely. Meetings will be close to campus.


The clients that we aide and develop range from various fields such as clothing / lifestyle brands, event planning, beauty/cosmetics, music production, and culinary arts, just to name a few. All with different needs and objectives.

If interested email with your interests/skills, portfolio/content/resume links/IG (we don’t judge), and a brief pitch as to your vision for yourself and how you think you can add value to our organization. All aren’t required but are appreciated if applicable