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Summer 2021: Georgia State Games - Various Virtual Internships

Nov 5, 2020

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Virtual Internship Positions/Majors:

  1. Marketing, Sales, & Fund Raising
  2. Public Relations, Promotions, Social Media, Media Relations
  3. Graphic Design, Video, Photography
  4. Sports, Recreation & Event Management
  5. Government Affairs/Relations
  6. Volunteer Management
  7. Computer Science: Website, Databases & App Design


Organizational Description

The Georgia State Games is one of the largest Amateur Olympic-Style Sports Festivals in the country. 

We have historically relied HEAVILY on top quality interns to operate many of our sporting Projects and Programs. 

Most of our interns come from across North America. This Virtual Internship is no different. This past summer we had every state represented in our internship pool included 8 countries on 4 continents. 



  • We are seeking top-level, utmost professional, organized, team-oriented, talented, aggressive, and innovative interns to assist in the preparation and implementation for this year and future events.  
  • Our internship program is the transition from the academic work to the real-world environment. You will be treated as such and the expectation from you is HIGH.


Do not apply to our Internship Program if:

  • This internship is NOT for the student to just check off the academic internship box. 
  • Strongly opinionated and High Ego people should not apply.
  • You are going to “shop around” for many internships while waiting for that paying or first choice other internship.
  • Only SERIOUS candidates should apply.
  • You are taking a FULL Class load, have too many jobs, OR just too much going on.
  • You MUST conduct yourself as the Utmost professional at all times not only in appearance but in approach to our Internship Program.


Types of Internship Positions:

  1. Virtual: This 100% Remote positions will be conducted from where ever the student resides.

(Offered ALL Semesters)

  1. On-Site: This is the typical on-site position located in an NW suburb of Atlanta, GA area. 

(ONLY currently offered during Summer Term, Hopefully)

  1. Hybrid: Brand New! This is a combination. The majority of the internship will be conducted where the intern resides. For ONE week of the Summer, the interns will travel and stay (at their own expense) in Georgia to help operate our events. 

(ONLY currently offered during Summer Term, Hopefully)


Benefits of a Georgia Games Internship:

  • This virtual internship cannot provide the same experience as an in-person internship in most cases BUT it will provide many of the same types of assignments, tasks, and project management-oriented items.
  • Reduce the costs of traveling to distant sites.
  • Learning how to WORK in the NEW Virtual Work Environment.
  • Earn academic credit
  • Real-life on-the-job experience with BIG time responsibilities that other internships do not provide. 

Student Requirements:

  1. Follow directions explicitly!
  2. Thoroughness Trait
  3. Strong writing skills
  4. Strong communicator especially via email.
  5. Access / Check email at all times of the day
  6. Inner Personal Drive to improve our organization.
  7. Must be Proactive, Thorough, and can Understand our organization and the nonprofit world.
  8. Must have daily dependable Internet access and laptop computer with a camera
  9. Must have strong knowledge and access to utilize MS Word & Excel.
  10. Must set up a Dropbox account (extra storage space is beneficial)
  11. Take internship for Academic Credit, 90% take it for credit; 10% in special areas do not.
  12. Utmost Professionalism.


Tasks & Assignments:

There are numerous tasks, responsibilities, and assignments depending on which discipline are you are working on. Everyone will be working in multiple areas with some areas of concertation.

  • Most internship category positions will involve some sort of research.
  • Project & program development
  • Weekly Staff Zoom meetings
  • Research, contacting entities, and individuals via various communications methods, and project management orients assignments will be the heavily oriented aspects of this internship.



* Priority will be given to those students completing the internship for graduation requirements and/or academic credit.

* Priority will be given to students currently enrolled in college.


To Apply: 

Go to  under internships and complete THE Google Forms Link.



Begin reviewing applications on Rolling Basis and will continue until slots are filled.