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Summer 2020: Sauls International - LinkedIn Analytics Innovator

Apr 8, 2020

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About Sauls International

Sauls International is geared towards helping firms succeed in local and international markets.

Sauls International provides language services to include translation, interpretation, sign language, consulting and cultural awareness training. We are here to help agencies succeed at creating their message to people of all cultures across the globe.

LinkedIn Analytics Innovator

Have you heard of LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social medial website for professionals.  We are seeking an enthusiastic, creative and dependable LinkedIn Analytics Innovator intern to join our growing Sauls International marketing team. The candidate will use resources within LinkedIn and other 3rd party articles as a form of research and use other content to perform social media analytics, LinkedIn optimization, monitor and report on popular best practices when using LinkedIn.   

Candidate will also create local and global social media campaigns best suited for the industries that we serve while understanding algorithms. Candidate must believe in the power of LinkedIn!

In this position, you will create marketing campaigns using popular LinkedIn strategies, marketing strategies and other resources to reach our target audience. Your work will include developing, growing and expanding our market through social media outreach, article writing and strategic planning. Of course you can be innovative while you are performing these tasks!



The LinkedIn Analytics Innovator Intern duties and responsibilities include assisting with mock-ups, videos, infographics, email campaigns and other related social media content. 

Be innovative when it comes to the following:

Seek and analyze competitor marketing material

Create and maintain tracking reports of digital and traditional marketing efforts

Develop new social media campaigns, considering current and plan promotional activities. 

Create LinkedIn pages in multiple languages (if bilingual or trilingual)


Though we are in Richmond, VA, you can work remotely fromyour location!

Apply: Email resume to Sauls International <>.