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Summer 2020: Meet US at the Cafe (TV/Streaming Production) - Multiple Internship Opportunities

Apr 20, 2020

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What: An interactive, intergenerational, engaging show originally planned for production this month to air on Virginia public access in May, along with streaming on various platforms. The primary market is seniors, focusing on issues, challenges and stories of survival. The Coronavirus pandemic makes the show even more relevant. 


Looking for creatives in the most up-to-date digital media platforms and processes to breathe life into an exciting new production, Meet US at the Cafe. 

  • Digital media - videographer, editor across all platforms
  • Website - development, management, social media optimization
  • Marketing - outreach, public relations
  • Writer, Guest Coordinator - people skills, communicator, with eye for detail and good stories
  • Graphic Design - visually impactful cohesive look and feel throughout


  • Multi-platform public access 1/2 hours TV/streaming show featuring survivors, particularly seniors with stories of endurance
  • May include intergenerational planning and production process documentary


  • Short-range - Produce 8-12 shows - interactive, entertaining and informative
  • Long-range - Continue production due to high market share

Projected timeline

  • Planning - now
  • Production - 2 mornings, 2 days per week for 2-3 weeks
  • Airing - May - coinciding with Older American's Month (Note: this project is scheduled to be ongoing, offering college credit opportunities during summer and upcoming semesters)

Format & Location

  • Backdrop filiming in Richmond/Midlothian, VA cafe (social distancing guidelines will be followed) 
  • Split-screen feed - co-host and guests
  • B-roll - edits

Apply: Email resume and interest to