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Summer 2020: Bridge Studio - Marketing Intern

Apr 20, 2020

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships, Public Relations internships

We are looking for someone to focus on assisting us in marketing our business during these troubled times. This means increasing our online presence, and allowing us to stay in the forefront of our clients minds so that when the smoke clears from this pandemic, we can get back to work stronger than ever before. 
This position involves responsibilities in:
-Redeveloping and modernizing our website
-Working on our SEO
-Assisting with strengthening our social media presence
-Amassing a cold-call sheet for potential clients
-Helping us to better organize and track our inventor
-Researching grants applicable to our industry
-Assist in grant writing. 
-General office work and filing
*We are also open to hearing other ideas if a student would like to customize and internship based on their major that would still fit with our company’s purpose.
Note: We do understand that our responsibilities are a wide range and will only delegate task related to the intern’s concentration. (Meaning, if you are interested in writing grants we don’t expect you to know how to develop websites)
Concentrations that might be applicable
-Web Development
-Media students interested in Producing or Production Management 
-Social Media
Applicants can email if interested.