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Summer 2019: Delegate McQuinn - Communications Intern

Apr 16, 2019

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General Assembly/Legislative Intern Job Description


  1. Open, Organize and file Delegate office mail.
  2. Answer phones and supply information as needed.
  3. Monitor (Track) legislation sponsored by Delegate.
  4. Assist with development of publications for constituents.
  5. Assist with organization and planning of community programs and events.
  6. Update database of constituents and organizations.
  7. Other duties as assigned. 


  1. Willingness to learn new and varied tasks.
  2. Commitment to providing information to large constituent base.
  3. Ability to handle multiple tasks with strict attention to detail.
  4. Ability to work with diverse populations.


Intern reports to Delegate and Legislative Assistant - Primary point of contact will be Legislative Assistant.


Keith Westbrook

Legislative Assistant

Delegate Delores L. McQuinn