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Summer 2017: Virginia Living - Digital Media Intern (Deadline March 20)

Mar 20, 2017

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Digital Media Intern

Virginia Living magazine now offers a digital media internship position as part of its larger editorial internship program.  Space is limited to one digital media intern per term (Spring, Summer and Fall) and standards are high. Interns will work under the supervision of the digital editor and editorial staff, and alongside other editorial production interns, gaining experience in the magazine production process and digital media management.

The digital media intern will receive training in and experience of the editorial process, including pitching and researching stories, participating in the copy-editing and fact-checking process, learning A.P. Style and other editorial duties as assigned. In addition, the digital media intern will learn to manage and develop online content for marketing the magazine across multiple digital platforms. The digital media intern may also have the opportunity to write for both the website and magazine. Virginia Living magazine will provide interns with a dedicated workstation.

Our internship program requires a commitment of at least two days per week for four hours each day. These hours may be redistributed across multiple days. The minimum duration of the digital media internship is three months (January-April, May-August, September-December), although dates are flexible within each period. The internship may be extended at the invitation of the Virginia Living editorial staff.

This is an unpaid internship. Virginia Living magazine is happy to adjust its editorial internship program as necessary to meet college credit requirements. Recent graduates are also encouraged to apply. Interns can expect to receive bylines and/or clips for use in their portfolios.


To apply, please email the following to Erin Stubbs, Digital Editor, by March 20:

1. Your resumé or CV.

2.  Three relevant writing samples. College newspaper clips are great but we also like to see something that showcases your voice. So if you write a blog or have any other similar platform for your writing then please include a link to those, and your social media profiles (if public).

3. A completed application Supplement (found below).

Qualifications: Junior or Senior in college, graduate student, or recent graduate (within the past year). Candidates should demonstrate strong writing skills and an interest in media communications and marketing. An interest in using design applications and content management systems is also desirable.

Supplement Questions:

1. In two considered and condensed paragraphs, tell us who you are and what you are good at.

2. How did you become interested in working for Virginia Living?

3. What one book have you read that you hope everyone else will read? Why?

4. There are no wrong answers. Please answer each of the following questions with one short, complete sentence that doesn’t repeat the question. What we’d like to see isn’t how much you can write but how well. 

Are you organized or unorganized?

Do you give orders or take them?

Is a computer a friend?

5. Write three country song titles.

6. Write 100 words about what makes a great sandwich in some other way than just giving us the recipe.

7. Give an example of great communication you’ve seen on the web. And, in one sentence, explain what made the communication worthy of being called great.

8. Why do you believe that digital media is an important outlet for print publications?