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Summer 2017: Mercy Mall of VA - Communications & Media Intern

Jun 15, 2017

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships, Journalism internships, Public Relations internships

Mercy Mall is an ever-changing ministry that has taken on the form of a FREE​ clothing and housewares boutique with gently-used items. Our clients/friends not only need “stuff”, but also the unconditional love of Christ through kind, encouraging words, hugs, resources, and prayer. We have no qualifications or geographic borders, which allows us to assist families in emergency situations.

Our Mission is to serve the hungry, the homeless and the hurting by filling practical needs, providing resources and building relationships. To further that mission, we are seeking interns with a variety of Communications and Media based skills.

The following is a list of possible jobs/duties/roles an intern could fill:

  • Website management: Updating our Wordpress website; Blog writing; Writing Ads for our Ministry
  • Social Media: Writing, scheduling and managing posts and engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Writing Public Service Announcements for PR
  • Event Planning: Helping us plan, advertise and manage large events
  • Contacting Social Services Organizations and other Human Services Ministries to compile a list of local resources (web based resource)
  • Video Journaling
  • Writing/producing our Newsletter
  • Helping us manage our email contact list and reach our donors/partners regularly
  • Other

Apply: Email Angie Lovero, Social Media/Web Manager at