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Summer 2017: Hill City Church - Communications Intern

May 19, 2017

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Hill City is a non-denominational church in Richmond, Va that opened in Sep- tember of 2014. Our mission is to help connect people to the life-giving mes- sage of Jesus. As a creative team, we work to explore safe and innovative ways to welcome the community, be relevent and connected to culture, and love others better through our talents. We welcome all to the team- no matter where you are in your faith or beliefs.

A Hill City Internship changes depending on what each individual enjoys most or feels the strongest in, but a general description is listed below:

-Head up a variety of marketing/advertising projects, could range from social media campaigns and identity, sermon series promotion, marketing cam- paigns, promotional videos, ect. Opportunities would also include leading a group of people working on a larger project, researching the most cost ef - cient and best quality products and resources to use, working under a due date and working with others who have different creative skill sets.

-Creatively pitch video ideas for upcoming series or services, social media or marketing. Ideas will need to be cohesive with branding, church identity and aesthetic.

-Observe current communcation methods and marketing/advertising to come up with more innovative and fresh ways to help us improve.

-Read book on communications/leadership and provide thoughts and responses to readings.

-Participate in group creative brainstorming meetings to help contribute to areas outside of your skill set, could include graphic design, interior design, craft and materials, videography, ect. 

Email: Maddy Denny, Creative Director at