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Spring/Summer 2021: Juice - Writers

Feb 23, 2021

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We are looking for writers to support our 3 publications!
Apply at this link:

About Politically Invisible Asians
A Substack newsletter deciphering the paradox of the fastest-growing, yet politically invisible Asian-American. For more information, check out
This opportunity is open to writers, or individuals who are passionate about advancing the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. We want this to be a platform for you to share your stories, and in the process, challenge the monolithic view by introducing our often forgotten history and unraveling our multifaceted experiences.
We are dedicated to bringing on a diverse collective of Asian-American voices — from all 50 states and inclusive of all of the ethnic groups that fall under the Asian/Pacific Islander racial group.

About Incoming!
A Substack newsletter dedicated to telling stories about what happens on social media and why it matters. For more information, check out
This opportunity is open to writers, or individuals who are social media and/or pop culture fanatics that are passionate about teaching others why social media trends, events, influencers and drama matter to our culture. We want this to be a platform to explore your interest in the internet and bring education to those looking to understand how social media is affecting our next generation.
We are looking to bring on a diverse set of writers to build out this platform. Writers who have an interest and/or history in using social media and discussing internet trends are preferred.

About Popcorn Ceiling
A Substack newsletter dedicated to inspire further contemplation and conversation. For more information, check
This opportunity is open to writers, or anyone who spends the seconds to minutes to hours before falling asleep every night ruminating over the state of the world. From poems and short stories that move me, to the wide array of social, political, and economic issues there are to lose sleep over, to the pieces that fit neatly in between those two groups, but also to the pieces that play, dabble, and explore outside the lines, Popcorn Ceiling will be a home for all things worth spiraling over.
Each newsletter will feature a work of fiction or poetry that keeps me up at night staring at my ceiling, by reminding me of a related social, political, economic, or otherwise existential issue.
About Juice
Juice is a digital media nonprofit aimed at elevating social justice issues and content creators of color. Our website and social media channels can be found at

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