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Spring 2021: Figuring It Out Podcast - Editorial / Web Intern

Jan 26, 2021

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships, Journalism internships, Public Relations internships

What we’re looking for:
We’re looking for someone to transition some of our podcast content into a website, where listeners can read interview transcripts, behind the scenes Q&As, and more. We love social media, but we want a separate place for our podcast to live on its own. A place that is completely ours! You would be responsible for designing the website and transitioning the content (with assistance from Ashleigh and our production assistant, Noa.)

If you’ve never designed a website, but you’ve designed other things, you are definitely still welcome to apply. We understand our peers are young, and we want to give people a chance.

The website is a long-term project, and there isn’t an immediate deadline for this. This position is unpaid, because Ashleigh is a broke college student at Columbia. If you can only do this position for the spring semester, that is fine, too! *hours are flexible*

For this role, we are looking for someone who has:

● Strong writing and communication skills. You don’t need previous journalism experience, but if you do have work experience of some sort, that would be helpful. This role is also writing-heavy,

● Creativity. We’ve never had a website before, so part of this role will be determining what the site will entail. We want the website to offer something different than our social media accounts... an extension of our social media presence, basically.

● Design skills. This website does not need to be complex by any means, but we want it to look clean. Basically, we want a nice design!
● Attention to detail. We like to have as little fact and grammatical errors as possible.
● Ability to be self-motivated. You will be checking in with Ashleigh frequently, but you will also have to manage your own time.