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Spring 2020: WVCW Radio - News Director Intern

Jan 8, 2020

Posted in: Internships & scholarships, Journalism internships

The position of News Director for WVCW is a cooperative internship, supervised by SMC Professional Staff with direction provided by WVCW Radio. Both the intern and the student leadership of WVCW would report to SMC Professional Staff for all matters pertaining to the news director’s performance (expectations, performance, critiques), but WVCW student management staff would dictate the areas of news that the intern would cover.

The News Director is responsible for ensuring that WVCW Radio produces vibrant, innovative and engaging audio news content. WVCW’s News department produces a daily (M-F) 1-3 minute news update, hosts a weekly hour-long news broadcast and produces one live news event broadcast each semester.

The duties of the News Director for WVCW include:
▪ Organize and facilitate all news coverage on WVCW.
▪ Release audio content in a timely manner, preferably within 24-36 hours of event.
▪ Recruit reporters and announcers, and educate them on best ethical, professional and journalistic practices for the broadcast medium.
▪ Maintain and update a story budget, with at least one story being produced per week.
▪ Prepare and release a daily audio news piece about the top headlines in national, local and/or University news to play each day.
▪ Produce and/or host a weekly 1-hour news program on WVCW Radio, developed in cooperation with the WVCW Radio staff.
▪ Collaborate with WVCW staff and/or other student media outlets to produce a live news broadcast once a semester covering an event topical to the VCU or Greater Richmond communities (example: midterm election results).
▪ Accept direction from and collaborate with the General Manager and Programming Director.
▪ Collaborate with the Production Department to ensure timely production and editing of content, as well as archive all relevant content.
▪ Conduct other duties as assigned by the General Manager or Programming Director.
▪ Respond to all emails and correspondence within 48 hours.
▪ Set and observe regular office hours of no fewer than 5 hours per week, held over no fewer than 2 days.

The expected qualifications of applicants for News Director are:
▪ Be a current VCU student, enrolled in no fewer than six credit hours.
▪ Basic knowledge of audio editing software (Adobe Audition, Audacity, Hindenburg, Reaper), or a desire and ability to learn quickly and on your own.
▪ Be able to work as part of a team.
▪ Be able to work under tight deadlines and short notice.

The selected intern will be provided with audio gear and training to facilitate the recording of daily news updates.

Interested? Submit a copy of your resume and a cover letter to the Director of Student Media, Allison Bennett Dyche, at Applications will be open until the position is filled.