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Spring 2020: Root Virtual Reality - Communications Intern

Jan 13, 2020

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships, Journalism internships, Public Relations internships

Root VR is a recently launched healthcare and education technology company in the seed stages of developing a virtual reality (VR) app-based platform to provide virtual reality therapy, training, and education resources to families struggling with adolescent mental health issues and the professionals currently serving them. Currently being developed by a two-person team of founders, the platform, media, and processes which Root VR are building require a wide range of cross-disciplinary talents and expertise, including but not limited to immersive digital media production and user experience (UX) design for VR/AR, software and hardware development, medical and social sciences research, and telemedicine design and delivery. Given the variety of needs and many opportunities to explore exciting new developments at the forefront of media production, telemedicine, and health and education technology, Root VR is interested in finding partners with which to collaborate during its early stages of research and development, design, and implementation. As we engage with current and potential partners and customers, we see digital marketing and social media as a critical aspect of our company’s growth and scale and are therefore looking for assistance in ramping up our community engagement, marketing, and promotion efforts on a number of key projects.


1. Monthly Newsletter - Create, design, and coordinate an engaging monthly newsletter to
include relevant and timely curated articles and material and original branded content and

2. Content and Copywriting for Social Media - Create graphic content and related copy to
bolster general brand awareness and engagement as well promote specific
company-related news and events

3. Content and Copywriting for Website and Presentations - Create graphic content and
related copy for planned website and Facebook refresh and strengthen consistency of
branding between this material and those used in partner, customer, and investor

4. Customer/Audience Discovery and Engagement - Research avenues to reach current and
potential partners and customers and foster positive, memorable, and engagement
interactions with community through social media and private user groups

Given the reasonably broad scope of our needs in the face of our limited physical and human resources, Root VR sees the wide range of advertising, public relations, and journalism skills taught and developed at the Robertson School of Media and Culture as advantageous and desirable. As we are currently focused on reaching the many communities which will help form the basis of the research and development phase of our platform, we are evaluating near-term options to increase the available resources focused the formation off valuable long-term company-customer, -partner, and -public relationships through outreach, interaction, and engagement.

Root VR currently holds business hours at Startup Virginia’s 1717 Innovation Center and hopes to host in-person co-working internship hours for at least three hours per week. With the digital nature of the work allowing for much of it to be done remotely, the total number of weekly internship hours is flexible. Because of the wide range of goals we hope to accomplish this spring, we value a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-some” candidate who is excited by the opportunity to work with a startup and wear a number of different hats on a week-to-week or even day-to-day basis. Given our focus on the sensitive and sometimes private nature of mental health and particularly adolescent and child wellbeing, the ideal internship candidate will not only harbor a great deal of empathy and compassion for the communities with which we engage but will also have a personal interest in mental health advocacy and be passionate about affecting positive social change.

Interested candidates are invited to apply for the internship by emailing a cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest in the position and desired weekly scheduling/hours
along with a resume and/or portfolio to