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Spring 2020: Modern Living, LLC - Various Internship Positions (Marketing, Designer Merchandising, Social Media, SEO and Graphic Design)

Jan 26, 2021

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Modern Living, LLC will be offering internships for students that would like Marketing, Designer Merchandising, Social Media, SEO and Graphic Design experience. You'll be working virtually via Zoom as we build on a recent re-branding of our online baby - Modern Nursery ( Braving the new waters of changing Google Algorithms, soaring customer expectations, and the production of goods in a socially distant world, we have the ability to offer tailored internships with invaluable experience, virtually! 

Because of the remote nature of this climate, we have been able to work out a system where interns can work one to two days a week focusing on tasks in the area they so choose. Working directly under our Marketing Director, you will start your day off on a zoom call discussing the day's goals and tasks. Weekly, you will be asked what you'd like more experience in, and you will get it! You'll be able to have design critiques, SEO training, and hands on experience talking with top level designers from around the world. 

Anyone seeking the Graphic Design internship must be well versed in Ai, Ps, and Typography. 

SEO, Marketing and Social Media Interns must be able to write well, and concisely (every word counts when you're restricted to character limits!)

Our interns walk away from this internship with portfolio builders, real-world experience, glowing written recommendations and sometimes tacos. 

Send resumes and any relevant links/portfolios to