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Spring 2020: Lythos Studios - Advertising Interns (PAID)

Jan 13, 2020

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships

Lythos Studios has 3 upcoming projects that will require a team of students to complete.  One is for rebranding Goochland County Schools; another is for creating a brand for a group that is creating an African American history television show, and another is for Petersburg Preservation Task Force bringing tourists to Petersburg museums.  
The positions needed are for copywriting, graphic design and PR/social media.  
We will produce materials as follows:
1) brand a group of business owners and history professors at William and Mary who have formed a group to study the Free Black Population in Petersburg and eastern Virginia prior to the 1860s. We need a logo, mission statement and slogan.
2) I have a semester long project for the Petersburg Preservation Task Force to bring visitors to the three Petersburg museums and is primarily promoting tourism through a grant from Virginia tourism.
3) I am awaiting funding from Goochland County Public Schools to rebrand the school and create a communication plan for the entire school pre-k through 12.
The group will meet with at the VCU library on a weekly basis for about 30 minutes per or as needed.
The projects will be spread throughout the semester and will require approximately 50 hours of time for each of the students.  Lythos Studios will also pay each of the interns $10 per hour. 

Apply: Clay Hamner 804-339-5818