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Spring 2020: Engage the Foundation - Various Positions

Jan 13, 2020

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships, Journalism internships, Public Relations internships

Engage, the foundation is launching a new initiative! This new initiative is purposed to promote growth, form new connects, and increase impact. The plan of execution is to create a new, dynamic web presence which will generate new channels for the foundation to engage the public as well as it partners, donors, and members. The foundation is continuously growing and has achieved monumental success, clout, and leverage in its advancement over the years.

Currently, we are recognized as a positive force in the RVA area, with partners like the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, amongst other power partners. A strong web presence is essential to the mission of Engage, the foundation and will ultimately be a pillar in upholding the ever-expanding vision of the organization. One of the fundamental tenets of the foundation is to think internally before outsourcing. We prefer to and will always seek to empower students, young professionals & learners, and RVA local by offering opportunities for them to learn and be part of something great.  

We presently require content writers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, web developers, and other skilled programmers to begin development. The number of skilled volunteers required will change depending on the phase of the project and its MVP (minimum viable product) requirements. We recognize this as opportunity as a way to build portfolio, gain experience, and contribute to a greater cause. There are immediate positions open for volunteers who’d like to be a part of the foundation’s solution to develop web applications.

A brief web conference will be held within the next 10 days on a date that is to be disclosed once a minimal amount of responses have been received. During this conference, further information will be disclosed. This opportunity will only be open to those who are ready, willing, and enthused. Ergo if you desire to participate, your timely response to this e-mail is crucial, even if it may not be possible for you to attend the web conference! These positions will be filled quickly. Next, those who choose to be involved will be updated with the conference date.