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Spring 2020: Democracy onAir - Media Intern

Jan 8, 2020

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Democracy onAir, a nonpartisan and nonprofit 501c3 social enterprise chartered in Virginia, is developing and hosting the Virginia Elections & Government Hub. This pilot state Hub is a model for our anticipated launch of other state Hubs by the end of 2020.  The Hub is an online platform that provides a place where interested citizens can go for current information about Virginia city, county, state, and federal elections and government and have the opportunity to interact with candidates, elected officials and their staff, administrators of government agencies, and other engaged citizens. 

Primary internship focus in the next six months will be interfacing with Virginia elected officials and their staff. Tasks could include one or more of the following:

  • Recording video interviews with politicians and other relevant events
  • Editing all video content and posting to our YouTube channel and relevant posts on the hub.
  • Assist in creating and managing the OnAir streaming service
  • Assist in recruiting media interns
  • Make sure all team members have high quality featured images


University students who want to intern with Democracy onAir for academic credit can apply now for the spring semester.  Interns can participate through various university programs including government, communication, and video internship programs. Internships are mostly self-directed with regular in person and online meetings. Non-credit interns can sign up at any time and commit to a minimum of one hour per week, especially as a content contributor for at least one Virginia federal, state, or local profile. We would prefer interns that can commit to at least five hours per week. Interns seeking academic credit under an internship program should commit to at least the minimum hours required by their respective program. Since much of the internship work is done remotely, students are on an honor system as to the hours they report to us. Interns can continue with Democracy onAir as long as the relationship with Democracy onAir is mutually beneficial.  

Internships are unpaid. However, interns will have an opportunity to apply for part or full-time positions with Democracy onAir. 

The primary internship benefits beyond helping to reinvigorate democracy are intended to be career-enhancing:

  • Visibility in your field; potential contact with thought leaders, organizations, and potential employers
  • Skill development in political communication, media, and other position-specific opportunities such as grant-writing, video editing, and team management
  • Interaction and networking with politicians and other nonprofit organizations
  • Career opportunities with higher positions in Democracy onAir and other democracy promoting organizations
  • Flexible hours, commitments, and tasks
  • Potential for individualized projects and skill development

To learn more about the project, watch this video and go to Virginia onAir Hub at 

If you have any questions, please direct them to:

Tim O'Shea, Democracy onAir Executive Director -