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Spring 2019: Hatch - QA/Software Testing Intern (Deadline -- January 15th, 2019)

Nov 19, 2018

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QA/Software Testing Intern


What does QA/Software Testing Intern mean to Hatch?


‘A brilliant spark that has an unyielding desire to create impact. The QA/Software Testing Intern ensures that the software we build is the software we intended to build. They often use both intuition and logic to evaluate software based on a predefined rubric.’


Key Attribute: Openness


Listens: A primary attribute for success is to listen closely to folks around you to maximize your impact.


Organized: A software testing intern is a masterful organizer and has a keen eye for details.


Diligent: You are someone who can do repetitive and monotonous tasks for hours on end just to find one single detail that was out of place.

Once direction is clear you often do not need any motivational help achieving the goal.


Communicative: When you are unclear or disagree you find a polite way to voice your emotions, intuition, and logic.


Respectful: You are constantly aware of your impact on other people, including time costs, morale, and state of mind.


Prompt: You come into work early, are never late for meetings, and complete your work ahead of schedule.


Studious & Self Starter: You put yourself out there to learn new things on your own.

What are the requirements for the role?

1-2 years of software engineering or testing experience in school, self taught, or on the job.

Able to proficiently and quickly type.

Able to focus intently for 3+ hours.

Able to routinely come into work on time and be mentally and physically present.

Your Google Fu is immaculate.


Familiar with common operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Familiar with popular browsers like firefox, safari, edge, and chrome.

Familiar with browser Dev tools.

Familiar with using software like slack, gmail, trello/jira

Familiar with HTML/CSS and at least 1 CS Language.

Familiar with Tech Specs, Acceptance Criteria, User Flows, and other material required for our trade.


Seeks and is able to quickly learn new software.


Is their opportunity for growth in this position?

The goal for a position like this is to do 1-2 internships and then take an associate software engineering role in test, product, backend, frontend, devops or other focus.


How do I apply?

Send your resume or Linkedin &  brief statement on why you would like to participate in this role to