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Spring 2019: Hatch - Product Content Intern (Deadline -- January 15th, 2019)

Nov 19, 2018

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What does Product Content Intern mean to Hatch?


‘A creative with a desire to help others. The Product Content Intern will create documents, presentations, and collateral to help our users get the most out of their purchase of our product. They can write clear statements, and often will use design or graphics to communicate their ideas further.’


Curious: You aren’t afraid to use new mediums to communicate ideas such as animation, video, verbal, podcast format, etc.


Detailed: You catch little grammar errors, and might even take a few extra minutes to make something ‘just right’


Communicative: When you are unclear or disagree you find a polite way to voice your emotions, intuition, and logic.


Respectful: You are constantly aware of your impact on other people, including time costs, morale, and state of mind.


Prompt: You come into work early, are never late for meetings, and complete your work ahead of schedule.


Studious & Self Starter: You put yourself out there to learn new things on your own.


Why are we looking for this role?

Hatch is gaining customers and users rapidly. We follow a ‘call us and we’ll help you out’. At a certain point, users need to feel comfortable to find out the answers on their own using our tutorials, help desk, FAQs, video content, etc.


Why don’t we hire someone?

This is an experiment right now. We want to see if our customers do better when we put undevoted time to create rich content both about how to physically use our product and best practices. Plus, we like to give student opportunities to see how it feels to work for a startup--let me tell you--it can get pretty crazy.


What can I expect to do?

Some examples of what you might be asked to do...

  • Write a How-To on How To Create a Killer Sales Campaign in Hatch
  • Make a quirky gif to tell our users the app is down
  • Build Marketing Template Email Designs
  • Send an email to our Users about Holiday Hours in a video format
  • Interview a Developer about working at Hatch
  • Build a Presentation for our Co-Founders to pitch the product

How do I apply?


We have very simple instructions.

1) Please provide directions on “How to Make a Sandwich” in whatever format you feel fit. This could be interpretive dance, a video, animation, or even simple words on paper.

2) Email your submission to no later than Jan 15th.

3) Please send your LinkedIn profile or resume to with your submission.

4) If you pass the test, we will be conducting in-person interviews at the end of January.

What is the time commitment?

We respect that this is just an internship and students have to fulfill other duties. So, we are proposing 8-15 hours a week based on what you would like to commit. Once the schedule is set, we would like to keep it the same while you are here at Hatch.

We will help you w/internship paperwork if you are doing it for credit. We’ve all been there.