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Spring 2019: All About Presentation - Event Production Intern

Nov 20, 2018

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Calling all PARTY PEOPLE!!!!

All About Presentation, an international event management company, is looking for a few amazing event production
interns to assist with executing several ROCK-STAR events.

However, we do look for personality traits that line up with our corporate culture such as:

  • "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but
    because they are hard" - JFK : We enjoy tough, complex events and challenges. We understand that you will
    sometimes need to invent the solution when no other solution exists. When we have a target, we go after it
    full-throttle. We believe in a 110% commitment to our clients and their projects. If you are the same, please
  • "Joy-filled" : We believe in creating joy and spreading joy wherever we go. Our mission is to help our clients
    express joy. We so much believe in the idea of being Joyful, that our office dog is named Joy! ***please note,
    our office is dog is actually a mascot and not a real dog. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the office. ***
  • "Save the drama for yo' mama" : The only drama we like is reserved for giving our clients a "WOW" impact at
    their events. In the office, it is not appreciated, supported, or tolerated. If drama seems to follow you
    wherever you go -- this job is probably not the best fit for you.
  • "I can trust you with my life!" : We are privileged to know a lot of information about our clients, their brands
    and trade secrets. We expect that every person that works with us understands that "what happens in Vegas,
    stays in Vegas". Internal information is not to be shared with the public or our clients and client information is
    held secretly.
  • "Life-time Student" : In no way will we ever know everything. Our goal is to continue learning, continue
    growing without ceasing. If you're a 'know it all', let's save each other some time; however, if you are looking
    to grow and will put everything you have into your own training, learning, and development -- then we've
    "got your 6"

As an intern with All About Presentation, assistance will be needed in activities relevant to the design, planning, and production of events. This will include being involved in one or many of the following areas: vendor selection, event design, event management, pre-production and post-production events, and involvement with onsite execution of events. You will be meeting lots of new people, working on incredible events, and everyday will be full of new experiences. The pace is super fast...nay, LIGHTNING FAST !

Projects will include:
• Assist with the planning and execution of events
• Execute activities of our clients Event Planning Timeline
• Analyze event related processes and make recommendations for future plans.

Compensation: For college credit or volunteer based.
Work Hours: Between standard 9a - 5p, flexible based on class event schedule
To apply for this position please visit us online: