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Spring 2018: Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance - Journalism Intern (PAID)

Dec 13, 2017

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"The Real Story" Journalism Internship

The Social Change Team is recruiting for a journalism intern with an interest in social justice work and how the press covers stories of sexual violence and intimate partner violence. This internship will provide opportunities to work with the Communications Director on researching cases of violence, oppression, and injustice and writing in response to them.

The "Real Story" Intern will work mainly with the Communications Director on analyzing stories in the news and rewriting the stories to reflect a trauma-informed, survivor-centered and racial justice lens. The re-written stories will then be distributed via social media and other means. The "Real Story" Intern will be expected to contribute to the Alliance in Action blog, Facebook, and Twitter channels on a weekly basis with an emphasis on analyzing current events and pop culture though a trauma-informed, survivor centered, and racial justice lens.  

Schedule and travel requirements: Internships are generally scheduled for 8-12 hours per week and last for one academic year plus summer break. Schedules will be set in coordination with supervisor and will be posted on agency internal calendar. Some statewide travel might occur and will be approved in advance by supervisor.

Qualifications: Internships are available to currently enrolled students or those that graduated within the last 12 months. Successful applicants will have strong skills in writing and critical thinking; experience/study in journalism; a familiarity with understanding/analyzing how privilege and oppression operate, and how privilege and oppression show up in how news stories are covered.

Compensation: This internship will be compensated at the rate of $10/hour for an average 8-12 hours of work per week. Time will be tracked using an agency timesheet and supervisor(s) will approve hours logged.

Send resume, cover letter and 1-2 writing samples to:

Kate McCord

Communications Director

Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance

1118 West Main Street

Richmond, VA 23220