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Spring 2018: The Black Sheep - Staff Writer

Jan 25, 2018

Posted in: Internships & scholarships, Journalism internships

We’re currently hiring for Staff Writers at your university.The Staff Writer position in a nutshell is

In short, student writers write entertaining, social, and above all humorous content for The Black Sheep across all platforms. Writers will be expected to contribute one article (approximately 500 words) each week. Beyond writing, writers are to attend content meetings held every week. This is an unpaid position, but Staff Writers can gain class or internship credit.

Working for The Black Sheep is a unique experience that’s both fun and challenging. We aim to put students in a position that mimics a post-collegiate working environment with a management structure made up of students, with strong but not overbearing corporate oversight.

If you could share this opportunity with your students, I would greatly appreciate it. More job details can be found here:

If you have any questions for me, I would happy to answer them! You can reach out directly to me at