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Spring 2018: Studio Center - Motion Graphics & Animation Intern

Dec 6, 2017

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Studio Center is looking for Superstar Interns to work in our Richmond, VA office! 

We are looking to educate and have interested students contribute to the Motion Graphics efforts for the largest voice-over, digital, film and video production company in the nation 

Dates are flexible, but we do follow the general college semesters. 

P.S. A large number of our existing staff began at Studio Center as an intern!


We are looking for Motion Graphics candidates who can help us by: 
- Create vector and bitmap illustrations including characters, backgrounds, and graphic designs. 
- Assist in modeling, texture, and rigging 3D models. Able to light and render 3D environments. 
- Assist in 2D/3D character and motion graphic animations. 
- Use Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, and Final Cut. 
- archiving, cataloging, and consolidating files. 


-Must be available during the work week, 2-3 days a week, between 10AM-4PM. 
(Nights and/or weekends are not available) ‚Äč


Apply to Lyndsey Davis at