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Spring 2018: Studio Center - Audio Production Intern

Dec 6, 2017

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Studio Center is looking for AWESOME interns to work with our Richmond, VA Audio Department! 

We are looking to educate and groom knowledgeable students to contribute to the AUDIO PROUDUCTION efforts of the largest voice-over, digital, film and video production company in the nation! 

Dates are flexible, but we do follow the general college semesters. 

P.S. A large number of our existing staff began at Studio Center as an intern!


We are looking for Audio Production students who can: 
- Assist in the setup and breakdown of a professional voice recording session. 
- Work with voice talent to prepare for a recording session. 
- Help with session archiving. 
- Learn about and perform audio distribution on a national and local level. 
- Assist in location of audio from many different sound effects and music libraries. 
- Keep track of events in a recording session and note timings. 
- Perform duplication. 
- Perform internet audio distribution. 

This would develop student's understanding of producing audio commercials. Student will not only take on simple tasks that are vital to make our studios run smoother, but also have the opportunity to help the producers with hands-on production duties, including directing voice talent, editing and mixing on Protools. 

The student will learn the full process of producing a commercial, from copywriting to the final end production that will actually air on the radio or TV. Studio Center provides a great working environment and many learning opportunities for a production intern. Above are just some of the tasks you will be presented with during your Audio Production internship 


- Must be available during the work week, 2-3 days a week, between 10am-4pm. (Nights and/or weekends are not available). ‚Äč
Apply to Lyndsey Davis at