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Spring 2018: Emergent Social Solutions - Marketing Intern (PAID)

Feb 20, 2018

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships, Public Relations internships

In search of a savvy marketing intern to apprentice under me. Student must be familiar with social media channels and have excellent organizational and research skills. Copywriting skills is a plus but not a must. Also a plus: familiarity with Wordpress, Mailchimp, and Active Campaign.


Student will

  • Learn to create and execute Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads
  • Perform research on influencers, hashtags, etc. for clients
  • Learn to engage an audience on multiple social media channels
  • Analyze metrics
  • Put together newsletters using Mailchimp


Be ready to stretch your creativity and learn the hard work and organization it takes to be in social media. Clients run the gamut from B2B to B2C and are from a variety of industries. We’ll learn, brainstorm, and get creative in a fast paced environment.  


Emergent means: In the process of coming into being or becoming prominent. At Emergent Social Solutions, we know that social media marketing takes time, talent and know-how. We spend our days keeping up with the latest social media trends, planning great content for our clients and listening to communities to be sure that we are delivering precisely what they want.


Hours/week: 15-20



Contact: Ashley Ray