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Spring 2017: Local Podcast Startup - Production Intern

Nov 30, 2016

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We are looking for a talented and self-motivated student in the Robertson School of Media and Culture to perform as an intern for an exciting startup podcast concept.


Primary responsibilities include the following:

 Developing content and researching ideas

 Sourcing potential contributors and interviewees

 Responding to audience feedback

 Producing and making use of user-generated content


Secondary responsibilities, depending on skill and experience, could include:

 Editing, publishing, and posting the audio files for eventual upload to the internet

 Creating and maintaining website

 Checking that copyrights are cleared and understanding media law


I am a local physician and VCU/MCV Medical School alumnus. I have a

background in concert production and promotion as well. This is a new

endeavor utilizing that unique experience to engage and educate what I

believe is an underserved demographic: The contemporary male striving to

find his place in a rapidly evolving society.


If interested, please contact Dr. Charles Joyner, MD at