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**POSITION FILLED** Fall 2016: The Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe - Creative Intern

Aug 25, 2016

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships

The Urban Farmhouse Market and Café is looking for a new Creative intern! Your day-to-day responsibilities will include editing graphics within the style of the company’s visual language. This includes print design, signage, product labels, an eye for UI and digital content to be used by the marketing team. 

    Candidate must have a minimum of 2 years using the Adobe Creative suite with a focus on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Must be highly focused and self-driven. We are not a micro-managing sort of company so creatives will be given their objectives and are expected to complete them within a given time frame. P.S. You can wear headphones unless someone needs you! :)

    We are looking for friendly, communications driven designer to help us grow brand visibility, manage the visual cohesion of all graphic elements. Candidate must also be very open to criticism and be quite personable as we all like to chat and you will be working very closely with the Marketing Coordinator.

    This is a part-time, unpaid temporary internship position and is intended for students or recent graduates. This is a great opportunity to build your portfolio as the range of work you will be doing will be VAST. For anymore information on the position please email our Marketing Coordinator