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Fall 2021: Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce - Marketing Program Manager (PAID)

Sep 20, 2021

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Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce 

fall 2021 internship opportunity announcement 

program marketing  manager

Position Summary


Virginia Asian chamber of commerce – – located at downtown Richmond seeks  qualified Program Marketing Program Manager interested in obtaining a real world working experience virtual internship in a business and community-based work environment serving dynamic multicultural entrepreneurs executing business customer service outreach and follow up efforts, and /or  research and creating and executing marketing campaigns with measured results and community and economic impact using theories and business case studies from VCU Richard Robertson School of Media & Culture.



location:  this is a virtual management in training marketing work experience -– our physical headquarter office is located downtown richmond  * at suntrust bank, 919 east main st.,  richmond.

internship schedule:   immediate need. 5 hours weekly. perfect for undergraduate students seeking practical experience at a respectable business advocacy association. will work directly with small businesses for customer service management; and /or local, state, federal government agencies, and large corporations as well as coordinating embassy officials’ activities at annual events.

# of positions:   2 management in training positions.

non paid position with stipend: we offer a one time bonus for students who are hired. mentorship & referrals to prospective employers will be offered. plus: we offer possible scholarships opportunity for eligible candidates ($1,000).

intern task description:    customer service management – client contact management-  event logistics management- public relations management - social media marketing management  – event management.

skills qualifications:   we seek diverse set of work skills:

professional entry level prior experience working in an office environment preferred * experience working with customer service management- and /or social marketing platform–basic research, and / or writing press releases- public relations tasks-.

all must have: experience with micro soft suite - graphic design using adobe and other platforms: a plus but not required. good writing skills. personal professionalism and ability to work creatively and independently without close supervision in a virtual environment.

major: all majors related to:  marketing, business management, social media - media marketing and management, communications, - event management, journalism. political sciences- all other majors.




  1. my lan tran, executive director
  2. - email : 
  3. mobile : (804) 502-8081.   please send a resume.