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Fall 2020: True Spin Basketball - Content Creation Intern

Aug 14, 2020

Posted in: Advertising internships, Internships & scholarships, Journalism internships, Public Relations internships

We are currently looking for an intern(s) to assist in continuing the launch of our start up. The TRUE SPIN multi-colored basketball gives you instant feedback on your shot's rotation. The best shooters in the world shoot the basketball with perfect "end over end" rotation. This unique design helps players fix bad shooting habits through clear visual display of their shot's rotation.
We have been operational for 1 year and have received great feedback on the product's quality and usability. We are looking for a hard working intern to assist with social media strategy and content creation, including making and editing videos, email campaigns, working with influencers and other efforts that will assist in the growth of the business. With that being said, an intern will have the ability to take on large projects and work on all aspects of the business that interest them and in turn be able to gain significant experience that they can bring to the job market. 
Interested applicants can send resumes to