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Fall 2020: Castle Rock Party Center - Communications Intern (Stipend Provided)

Jul 27, 2020

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Castle Rock Party Center's vision is to allow individuals to dream, believe, and imagine the possibilities of celebrating life and enjoying themselves in a safe and fun way. Our all-inclusive approach to parties allows parents to spend the time at their child’s event enjoying the memories rather than stressing over the details. At Castle Rock each party is designed to encourage and indulge the imagination of every child, tween and young adult.  We want children to just be children and to come and have fun while interacting in dramatic roles and creating new friendships.  

Listed below are the expected job duties of the intern and preferred qualifications for applicants.  

-Our internship would be a combination of being virtual and in person assignments.

-After the selection and the acceptance of our intern we will have a one day orientation

-Our intern would average 9 hours a week for 12 weeks between late-August through Thanksgiving.
-The intern would learn about the day to day operations of the Castle Rock Party Center, our mission, strategy & professionalism.

-Real world customer service (relating and empathizing with the public and working on a team internally)
-Market research, (how we determine our target market and learning the methodology of monetizing that)

-Assisting to create and write the Castle Rock Experience for our customers
-Assisting in and learning how to perform Social Media marketing duties
-Assisting in the outreach mission of Castle Rock perfecting your speaking and interpersonal skills 
-At the beginning of each week we will review the intern's performance of the previous week

Internship candidates should be self-starters, confident and focused. They should be able to work well with others or independently.  

An intern that performs at a consistent high level throughout the entire internship will also receive a $250 stipend at the end of the internship in addition to the credit hours from the university.  All interested parties may contact me by email at or by phone at 804-586-3669.