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Fall 2019: Richmond Office of Emergency Management - Public Relations Intern

Aug 24, 2019

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Description of Organization:

The Richmond Office of Emergency Management is a City office under the Fire Department. The office is responsible for emergency planning, training, preparedness activities, outreach to citizens and managing the Emergency Operations Center during disasters and emergencies. The office interacts with all levels of local government, the public, businesses, nonprofit groups and regionally with all the other emergency management personnel. 

General job duties of Public Relations Interns:

  • Researching and writing public outreach/education materials regarding emergencies and preparedness activities following national guidelines.
  • Assist with planning for a Joint Information System within the city, and also working on the same concept for the Greater Richmond Area. 
  • Interact with other city public relations staff to help promote messages from the Office of Emergency Management
  • Assist with identifying outreach materials (purchased with grant funds) to help keep preparedness on people’s minds.
  • Draft media messaging plan for Emergency Operations Center activations.

Qualifications Applicants should possess:

  • Candidate should have strong writing skills. Knowledge of journalism and PR are helpful.
  • Ability to work on computers or the ability to learn the software quickly. 
  • Should be prepared to work in a business environment. 
  • Ability to work on deadline. 
  • Ability to work alone as well as part of a team.

Internship training includes:

  • Understanding how public relations works during emergencies and disasters.
  • Exposure to Joint Information Systems/Center and how they operate.
  • Role of public relations at an emergency operations center.
  • Role of public relations at special events and planned events. 
  • Communicating with different sectors of the public and different demographics
  • Exposure to mass communications for emergent messages; like Reverse 911, CodeRed, and Emergency Alerting System. 

This internship is offered for 2 semesters during the academic school year (August –May) with the hours being very flexible. There is limited desk space and there will be projects to be completed outside of the office. Some hours will be nights and weekends based on candidate schedule. Interviews will be conducted the second week of September. Applicants should email a resume and cover letter to:

Bill Lawson, Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management           (804)551-2991