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Fall 2019: Richmond Community ToolBank - Creative Intern

Aug 19, 2019

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—About the ToolBank— 

The Richmond Community ToolBank, a proud affiliate of ToolBank USA, empowers the entire nonprofit and volunteer sector in Central Virginia with the literal tools organizations need to accomplish volunteer-powered projects of any size or scope. We steward a vast inventory of 200+ types of tools & equipment in a beautiful 10,000 square foot warehouse centrally located in Scott’s Addition. We loan all tools & equipment exclusively to nonprofits and charitable-intended community groups at just 3% of the tools’ retail value in order to save organizations time, money and labor from having to own a huge number of tools outright.  We’re serious about community impact and all about having fun doing it. 


Now in our fourth year of service to the Richmond market, we have loaned tools & equipment to over 200 not-for-profit members and nearly 70,000 volunteers on 4,200+ projects.  At just 3% of the real cost of owning those tools, we’ve saved our members $2.5million on nearly 1,500 individual tool orders. From playground builds to community farm installation to street murals, greenspace cleanup and so much more, Richmond’s cityscape is safer, more beautiful and equitable thanks to the thousands of volunteers that use ToolBank tools throughout our City every year. 

—It’s Time to Grow—

The Richmond ToolBank has enjoyed incredible growth and impact in our 4.5 years in operation. But we know that we have a lot of opportunity ahead of us to equip more volunteers to do more great works while saving organizations huge amounts of money. So, we’re beginning to amplify our web, social and event outreach efforts with the goal of significantly increasing our membership and brand recognition among the not-for-profit and general community. And we need to create more compelling visual content and stories to level up. We currently use Instagram and Facebook to minimal affect so these are the social channels we’ll concentrate on elevating. Secondly, we’ll be overhauling our website within the year and must develop a more robust archive of visual content that will help visitors understand the incredible positive community impact that comes out of high-energy volunteers empowered with high-quality ToolBank tools & equipment by highlighting member stories and projects all over the city.

—Duties and Responsibilities—

The Creative intern works in close collaboration with the Executive Director to create new digital content using mobile phone and professional cameras in various environments. Together, we’ll create a semester-long work plan that includes visits to partner projects, our warehouse, special events and other sites as needed to capture different modes of our operations that will be documented for publication on social and website platforms. 

Although the executive director will guide the general work plan based on ToolBank’s organizational goals and objectives, the intern will be responsible for imparting their own visual creativity into the photographic and video content. The intern will also be responsible for:


  • Independently structuring work times based on personal schedule and ToolBank needs
  • Acquiring and using professional camera and video equipment from VCU Media Center or other sources


  • Editing and documenting/filing original content 
  • Communicating with Executive Director, Program Manager and ToolBank partners clearly, consistently and professionally
  • Managing their own transportation 
  • Being organized and efficient 



The Creative position is largely focused on photo and video content creation for the purposes of:

  1. Telling the ToolBank story 
  2. Highlighting the awesome work of our 200+ not-for-profit members
  3. Providing short “how-to” vidoes and snippets for some of our more complicated and new tools & equipment
  4. Archiving for use in future online and print communications 


The ideal candidate will therefore need to possess some key skills and qualifications

  • Be personally organized in planning, thought and execution
  • Be a willing communicator — even if not an excellent written or oral communicator, you must be willing to work on those things actively
  • Be capable or proficient in photography & videography 
  • Capable or proficient in video and photo editing software
  • Be disciplined in reconciling potential conflicts between work obligations and social opportunities
  • Have your own means of transportation or command of public forms of transportation

Apply by email to Toby Vernon, Executive Director at


  • A resume showing all professionally relevant work
  • At least two examples of your photography and videography work
  • A personal statement of sorts
  • Two professional references