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Fall 2019: Democracy On Air - Political Outreach Intern

Jul 19, 2019

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Type of internship

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Political Outrach Internship


Description of Organization


(Approximately 50 words)


Democracy onAir, a nonpartisan and nonprofit 510c3 social enterprise chartered in Virginia, is developing and hosting the Virginia Elections & Government Hub. This pilot state Hub will be publicly launched in September and is a model for our anticipated launch of 49 other state Hubs by the summer of 2020.  The Hub is an online platform that provides a place where interested citizens can go for current information about Virginia city, county, state, and federal elections and government and have the opportunity to interact with candidates, elected officials and their staff, administrators of government agencies, and other engaged citizens. 


Intern Responsibilities


  • Assistance with communications to universities, nonprofits and media outlets regarding cooperation with Democracy onAir as well as usage of the Virginia Elections & Governance Hub
  • Assistance with social media channels operation
  • Operation of onAir Virginia politics weekly newsletter and email communications

Intern Qualifications


(Junior or Senior, required skills/software, etc.)


  • Self-Starter mentality and work ethic
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • All academic levels accepted, but Juniors and Seniors preferred
  • Wordpress experience preferred


When offered


(fall, spring and/or summer semesters.)


Fall 2019 






How far from campus




Who to Contact

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Tim O’Shea, Executive Director

10403 Cleveland Street, Fairfax, VA, 22030



How to Contact

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