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Fall 2017: Be Topnotch, LLC - Marketing & Publicity Intern

Aug 25, 2017

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At 'Be Topnotch', we always think out of the box and that's why we have been able to build a strong portfolio of patents/inventions. Similarly, at our sister company, 'Positive Pasta Publishing', we are continuing our passion to think out of the box while creating and publishing unique books that are ingrained with positivity, inspiration and motivation. For the upcoming semester, we are looking for ‘Marketing and Publicity intern’, where intern will get an opportunity to assist with a wide range of marketing projects and will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of book marketing. This internship position will be responsible for the following job duties -
· Design and implement marketing, publicity and advertising strategies for Positive Pasta Publishing books/ebooks

· Assist with brand management of ‘Positive Pasta Publishing, LLC’ and 'Be Topnotch, LLC'

· Assist with online book marketing initiatives as well as local, regional and nation-wide events

· Social Media marketing for Positive Pasta Publishing brand and its books via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc sites. Maintain social media accounts, company blog and weekly/monthly newsletter.

· Assist with tracking, formatting and archiving of book reviews and other media

· Attend local/regional events for marketing books and manage Positive Pasta Publishing booth at such local/regional events such as book fairs, etc.

· Research and contact prospective clients and sponsors in US as well as internationally for our books

· Review book sales trends, identify new opportunities and pursue innovative strategies

· Assist with mailing books to consumers, booksellers, reviewers and other contacts

· Maintain company website and create advertisements, press releases, and promotional materials as necessary

* This position allows remote work or telecommute. Also, working hours are flexible either during morning or evening.

We had several interns from VCU and University of Richmond this past summer, who had a great hands-on experience working with us. If you are also interested in working with us, then apply immediately to become part of our team. (Please send your resume to Note: If you are planning to take internship credits at school for this internship, then please let us know so we can work with you to process any necessary paperwork.

Note: As part of this internship, we will also help you to learn agile methodology, so you can apply it towards variety of projects.

For your reference, here is one of our inventions at Be Topnotch, LLC - 'SMART SUN VISOR' FOR THE AUTONOMOUS SELF-DRIVING VEHICLES - (Similarly, we plan to publish books at Positive Pasta Publishing that are highly innovative and creative.)

*Qualifications: Regardless of your educational background (major), we are looking for someone who has the following -

• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Willingness to learn
• Strong creativity
• Excellent marketing skills
• Graphic design skills (preferred, not required)

In short, we will be evaluating the potential interns based on their confidence as well as willingness to learn. So, even if you have a basic resume prepared, just go ahead and apply because as long as you are confident, you have the potential to become a member of our team.

Please send your resume to if you are interested in this internship.