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Fall 2016: WesthamptonRVA - Social Media Intern

Sep 9, 2016

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WesthamptonRVA is searching for an intern with strong social media skills to assist our Merchants Association in building our social media following through FB, Instagram. We are an association with about 60+ members in approximately a square mile roughly bordered by Libbie, Grove, and Patterson Avenues extending to Willow Lawn Drive. Our re-developed website is about to go 'live': Ideally, our intern would visit different member businesses, take photos and post about them. There may also be an opportunity to reach out to mom-members in an effort to get them to join. I would manage their job but their hours are completely flexible as long as they can visit members during normal business hours, roughly 10am-5pm. They can set a schedule for posting. 

Apply: Email resume to Leigh Johnson at