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Fall 2016: The Borgen Project - Various Internships (Remote Work)

Oct 7, 2016

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The Borgen Project is an innovative, national campaign that works with U.S. leaders to improve their response to the global poverty crisis.

We have several internship and volunteer openings that may be of interest to your students, these range from HR, PR/Marketing to Writing and Editing.  All of the details of the different positions can be found on our website here, but I have included an overview of our Political Affairs and Writer positions below as examples of our programs.

Internship Location: The programs are based online, so can be undertaken from any location.

Internship Start Dates: We have new programs starting every month, as such applications can be received at any time, through our website. Interns chose the start date that is most appropriate for them.

Mentoring and Supervision: All of our internships have a designated manager who will ensure that our interns are offered an induction to the program and then support throughout the internship with regular catch up Skype meetings, training/discussion sessions, and are a point of contact for any questions or concerns throughout the program.

Our internships are unpaid, however we are happy to work with you to be able to offer the intern college credit, if you feel it would be appropriate.


Only 12% of intern candidates applying to The Borgen Project are selected. While the hiring process is incredibly competitive, we look for a diverse range of backgrounds. We’ve found no correlation between high GPA’s, MBA’s and/or prestigious universities when it comes to determining who will have the biggest impact. Our selection process focuses more on finding great individuals, with a strong work ethic and passion for righting wrongs.

The telecommute positions below work from home, but must meet weekly deadlines, attend meetings via conference call and submit regular reports. All positions are unpaid, but college credit is available.

Select a position below to read more and apply:


Public Relations/Marketing Internship
Location: Telecommute Part-timeAllows Remote
HR Internship
Location: Telecommute Part-timeAllows Remote
Writer Internship
Location: Telecommute Part-timeAllows Remote
Journalism Internship
Location: Telecommute Part-timeAllows Remote
Political Affairs Internship
Location: Telecommute Part-timeAllows Remote
Editor Internship
Location: Telecommute Part-timeAllows Remote

Publishing Internship

Location: Telecommute Part-time:  Allows Remote

* Please email if you have any trouble uploading your resume.