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Fall 2016: M-Lifestyle - Various Internships

Aug 26, 2016

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Internship Positions

M-Lifestyle offers some exciting opportunities for professional development. The following positions are available

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Writers
  • Web Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers

Brand Ambassadors: This internship position is suited for individuals who are pursuing a career in the marketing sector. Our brand ambassadors are tasked with promoting the M-Lifestyle brand in several spheres spanning from social media to other innovative ideas to give more visibility to the brand. Our brand ambassadors embody the corporate identity of M-Lifestyle in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics. This role is open to anybody in higher education.

Writers: This is one of the most selective areas of our company. Our writers are tasked with presenting lucid prose on given subject areas and will sometimes be required to interview individuals who we have deemed worthy to be featured on the magazine. The ideal candidate must have a good work ethic, excellent time management to fit the article roll-out timetable and must have a good command of the art- prose. This role is open to students in higher education.

Web Managers: Web managers are responsible for uploading content on the website, tweaking areas as at and when due as well as moderating comments on the website. The ability to code; although not a requirement while applying, is a very desirable added advantage, the role is open to anybody in higher education, who can demonstrate suitability for this role.

Graphic Designers: The responsibility of the designer is to create and suggest ideas for any design project we might have in a way that is suitable for the said project and memorable to our readership base. The role is open to any person in higher education. There is a requirement to submit some samples of designs

Photographers: Often times, we have photo-shoots that are in turn used by our brand ambassadors (see above). This role is open to any person in higher education. There is a requirement to submit a portfolio in your application of your work in this field.

Videographers: The videographer will be present during interview sessions to hone your skills in balancing sound with excellent stills and video. There is a requirement to submit a portfolio of your work for this application.

Send resume, portfolio and cover letter to