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Fall 2016: Culture4MyKids - Various Internships

Aug 24, 2016

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Event Planning

  • Filling out event budget forms 
  • Contacting Social Media coordinators for promotion of event (flyers, etc.) 
  • Coordinating volunteers before, during and after event 
  • Posting events on free media sites 
  • Placing orders for flyers as needed 
  • Creating a list for events materials needed 
  • Securing participants for the event 
  • Tracking participants and audience members 
  • Completing event analysis form 
  • Creating flyers for the small scale events

Social Media Team


• Creating new profiles and pages 
• Uploading videos, photo albums, etc. 
• Finding users to follow/friend/like our business 
• Writing and posting blog posts/tweets/updates, etc. 
• Tracking the growth and the impact of social media on our business 
• Replying to comments, messages, etc. 
• Report findings to the team 





Fundraising Interns

• Creating new ways to connect with the community 
• Creating ideas/activities that will make us stand out at large community events 
• Creating/ Ordering printed material that is needed for events 
• Suggesting ideas for creative booths 
• Generating emails for community members 
• Finalizing fundraising event details to host and participants 

Administrative Intern

  • Keeping participant records 
  •  Keeping a record of fundraising income and expenses 
  •  Logging in volunteer hours/ making sure volunteer sheets are available for every event 
  •  Forwarding monthly newsletter and updating interest lists
  • Follow up with Donors
  • Update Homepage of website
  • Send out deadline reminders
  • Update website calendar
  • Set up board meetings
  • Update ED business calendar
  • Handle C4MK phone Calls
  • Take meeting notes at board meetings
  • Update online store

HR Intern

  • Update job openings
  • Setting up high school programs
  • Developing C4MK Internship Program 
  • Set interview appointments
  • Collect/ file all relevant paperwork
  • Make/Send Reference calls/Emails
  • Send out Hiring letters
  • Update Volunteer Files
  • Lead /Set up Training Sessions 
  • Keep up with workshop request papers
  • Issue  financial/ tax statements                
  • Initiate background checks
  • Develop HR policy book


Booking Intern

  • Returning phone calls and emails via organization phone and email system 
    Securing proper event information 
  • Forwarding price list and contracts terms 
  • Updating performance contracts 
  • Creating and Forwarding Paypal invoices
  • Sending performance and payment reminders 

Advertising Intern

  • Develop campaign for upcoming fall season
  • Use advertising to build client relationships
  • Create advertising campaign schedule for the new
  • season
  • Execute media plans for upcoming deadlines
  • Create media plan presentations
  • Research promo leads
  • Assist in create media marketing plans  


PR Intern

  • Devise creative public relations strategies that fit company
  • Develop effective PR Plans using appropriate strategies 
  • and tactics 
  • Organize and coordinate  different PR activities to
  • ensure maximum benefits 
  • Use a variety of channels to maximize company
  • exposure
  • Arrange for interviews  or public speaking events 
  • Construct  press releases
  • Assess opportunities for sponsorships  and other

partnerships ; manage relationships  

  • Analyze PR campaigns or efforts and prepare reports


Journalism Intern

  • Gather Bios and background information on power team


  • Creating promo packages for one or more members of the team
  • Work with staff to develop material for new website 
  • Fact check, proofread, format, and edit as necessary
  • Collect/ file all relevant paperwork
  • Research promo leads
  • Create videos and other multimedia communications to supplement news stories
  • Create Press Release Packages
  • Conduct Interviews with Power Team  
  • Produce Video Reports
  • Produce Promo Packages for new season 


Apply: Email resume/cover letter to LaShaunda Craddock at, or apply on HireVCURams.