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Student Spotlight: Annie Gallo, journalism

May 11, 2019

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Taylor Burress, Communications Intern

Annie Gallo at her May 2019 graduation ceremony.

At the end of her junior year, Annie Gallo took an internship in Los Angeles to further her career and explore opportunities in the entertainment industry. The internship was the beginning of an exciting journey for Gallo. She was supposed to graduate in May 2018, but decided that she would go back to California after the internship.

“I was just kind of done, it was draining, I was taking 18 credit hours, and I was doing a capstone”, said Gallo. “I felt like I needed a break and I wasn't ready to handle the next semester.”

This decision led Gallo back to Los Angeles to further pursue her career in the entertainment industry.

“I was going to miss a lot of opportunities, if I didn’t go to LA at that time,” said Gallo. “I left everything behind in Virginia and just wanted to network and do what I could do while I had that time off. It ended up opening my eyes to how many more opportunities there were out there.”

By taking a year off of school Gallo was able to gain real-world experience in the entertainment industry.

“My second week being there, I bought a camera and that's when I got really into photography,” Gallo said. Taking that leap led her to be able to photograph celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Jason Dolley, Kyle Massey, Anne Winters, Lil Xan and interview Lil Yachty and Chanel West Coast.

“I learned that the most important thing in this industry is networking and not being afraid to take chances”, Gallo said. “Trying to go to every event you can get into and trying to talk to every single person around you”.

Working in the entertainment industry, Gallo learned about the do’s and don'ts when working with celebrity clients. She said the best advice she would give is to keep your cool and not to act too much like a fan. “You have to respect their boundaries," Gallo said. If you don't, the entire industry will know about it. 

“I’ve learned the only thing that's stopped me, is me doubting myself,” Gallo said. “It’s all about finding your confidence and just being ballsy.”

Now, the freelance writer, photographer and Robertson School journalism senior is graduating with her bachelor's degree.  After graduation, Gallo will start working full time as a reporter for the County Register, a newspaper owned by The Progress Index in Petersburg, and will be covering Dinwiddie County. 

Gallo has intentions to go back to Los Angeles in the future. “I want to go back there and try to work with a publication, like Billboard or People,” Gallo said. “I want to do freelance photography on the side and would love to tour with someone.”

You can view Annie Gallo's photography work on her portfolio website.