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Robertson School scholars honored with awards at AEJMC conference

Aug 8, 2019

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Dr. Mariam Alkazemi received the Newsom Award of the Public Relations Division for her research.

Several Robertson School faculty members were honored with research and teaching awards at the conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in Toronto, Canada this week.

Dr. Mariam Alkazemi received the Newsom Award of the Public Relations Division for her research and Dr. Nicole O’Donnell the GIFT award (Great Ideas for Teaching) of the same division. O’Donnell and Dr. Jeanine Guidry also received a research award from the Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk Division.

Together with Professor Jay Adams, O’Donnell and Guidry were named AEJMC Emerging Scholars for a joint research project proposal. Dr. Karen McIntyre received the same honor for a project collaboration she proposed. McIntyre is also the recipient of the 2019 Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Junior Woman Scholar Award at AEJMC.

Professor Jeff South presents about fake news at the conference. He was also honored in the Teaching News Terrifically in the 21st Century competition.

Professor Jeff South won second place in a teaching ideas competition sponsored by AEJMC's Newspaper and Online News Division, called Teaching News Terrifically in the 21st Century (TNT21). It recognizes "the best innovative ideas for improving the teaching of newswriting, reporting or editing in the digital era." His entry "Forget grades. Focus on portfolios" explained why, for journalism students preparing for the job market, a showcase of published work is far more important than a high grade.

Dr. Tim Bajkiewicz and Professor Josh Smith were also recognized in the GIFT competition (Great Ideas for Teaching) of AEJMC for their work on a unique media relations training project for students. Professor Jessica Collins was elected secretary of the AEJMC Advertising Division.

“This is a very strong showing of our faculty at this annual conference,” said Dr. Marcus Messner, interim director of the Robertson School. “The quality of our faculty’s scholarship and the creativity and innovation of our teachers is very competitive at the national level.”

Professor Jay Adams, Dr. Nicole O'Donnell and Dr. Jeanine Guidry Guidry were named AEJMC Emerging Scholars.

In total, the work of 14 Robertson School faculty members was presented, showcasing their latest research papers and teaching concepts at the conference. Some faculty members also served on professional panels. The following is a list of all presentations by Robertson School faculty members from the the AEJMC Conference program:

Rubrics for Creative Work: A Smarter Way to Grade; Jay Adams, Virginia Commonwealth

Reaching High to Impact Our Students: Strategies and Tips for Incorporating High-Impact Practices in the Classroom; Jay Adams and Marcel Jennings, Virginia Commonwealth

An Appeal to Shared Values: Faith, Advocacy, and Persuasion in the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Public Relations (PR Division Newsom Award); Brian J. Bowe and Derek Moscato, Western Washington, and Mariam Alkazemi, Virginia Commonwealth

Dr. Tim Bajkiewicz presented about the assessment plans of journalism programs. He was also recognized in the GIFT competition.

When a Plan Comes Together: An Analysis of Assessment Plans from Accredited US Broadcast Journalism Programs; Timothy Bajkiewicz and Katherine Nash, Virginia Commonwealth

Creativity in the Shifting Digital Era: Training Our Future Practitioners; Jessica Collins, Virginia Commonwealth 

Tweeting the #Flushot: Beliefs, Barriers, and Perceived Threat at Different Points of the Flu Season; Jeanine Guidry, Virginia Commonwealth; Ioana Coman, Texas Tech; Lucinda Austin, North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Nicole O’Donnell, Virginia Commonwealth; Alessandro Lovari, Università degli studi di Cagliari; and Marcus Messner, Virginia Commonwealth

Promoting Pro-Environmental Behaviors through Visual Social Media; Jeanine Guidry, Nicole O’Donnell, and Jay Adams, Virginia Commonwealth (Emerging Scholar Project)

Dr. Baobao Song presented about post-crisis response strategies and pre-crisis corporate associations.

Roles of Moral Emotions and Gender; Cheng Hong, Virginia Commonwealth; Weiting Tao, Wanhsiu Tsai, and Bo Ra Yook, Miami

Will Consumers Silence Themselves when Brands Speak Up about Sociopolitical Issues? Applying the Spiral of Silence Theory to Consumer Boycott and Buycott Behaviors; Cheng Hong, Virginia Commonwealth; and Cong Li, Miami

AEJMC Presidential Task Force on Careers: Final Report and Recommendations for Actions; Marcel Jennings, Virginia Commonwealth

Mapping the Corporate Social Responsibility Research in Communication:A Network and Bibliometric Analysis; Grace Ji, Virginia Commonwealth; Weiting Tao, Miami; and Hyejoon Rim

Dr. Grace Ji presented her latest research on corporate social responsibility.

“Think Differently”: How to Incite Creativity with a Two-word Campaign Challenge (PR Division Top GIFT Award); Nicole O’Donnell, Virginia Commonwealth

#BeTheMatch: Assessing How Testimonial Narratives on Reddit Promote the Importance of Donating Bone Marrow; Nicole O’Donnell and Jeanine Guidry, Virginia Commonwealth (Second Place Faculty Paper)

Exploring Gender Differences in How Teens and Young Adults Experience Cyber Surveillance, Cyberbullying, and Online Sexual Harassment; Stacey Hust, Kathleen Boyce Rodgers and Jason Wheeler, Washington State; and Nicole O’Donnell, Virginia Commonwealth

Dr. Bill Oglesby spoke on a panel about media coverage of hate speech.

The Role of the Media in Post-conflict Development in Three East African Nations; Meghan Sobel, Regis, and Karen McIntyre, Virginia Commonwealth

Media Coverage of Hate Speech: Challenges, Responsibilities, and Opportunities; Bill Oglesby, Virginia Commonwealth 

On-Camera Media Relations Training for Public Relations Students: A “look live” on-camera interview assignment. Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT); Josh Smith and Tim Bajkiewicz, Virginia Commonwealth

The Interplay Between Post-Crisis Response Strategy and Pre-Crisis Corporate Associations; Weiting Tao, Miami and Baobao Song, Virginia Commonwealth

Robertson School Interim Associate Director Marcel Jennings served on the AEJMC presidential task force on careers and presented recommendations for actions.

Fake News in Canada and the U.S. — Seeing It, Responding to It Across Borders; Jeff South, Virginia Commonwealth

Ten Years of Teaching News Terrifically in the 21st Century: Innovative Approaches for the Modern Journalism Classroom; Jeff South, Virginia Commonwealth (Second Place Award)

Please contact the professors directly for more information about their presentations.

Many Robertson School faculty members also moderated various panel sessions at the conference and discussed the research studies of other scholars. You can view the entire conference program on the AEJMC website

Professor Jessica Collins was elected secretary of the AEJMC Advertising Division.

AEJMC "is a nonprofit, educational association of journalism and mass communication educators, students and media professionals. The Association’s mission is to promote the highest possible standards for journalism and mass communication education, to cultivate the widest possible range of communication research, to encourage the implementation of a multi-cultural society in the classroom and curriculum, and to defend and maintain freedom of communication in an effort to achieve better professional practice and a better informed public."

Please see more photos of the presentations at the AEJMC conference in Toronto on the Facebook page of the Robertson School.